日期:2019-08-05 16:00:22

Robot model: KUKA KR210

Uses: spot welding

Supply products: pipeline package

Corrugated pipe inner diameter: Φ70mm

Protective parts Origin: Switzerland

Main material: polyamide



KR210 performance:

1. Load load: 210kg Additional load: 100kg

2, the second KUKA spot welding robot body working range of the largest range of action: 2700/2900mm




High reliability

It is 25% faster than similar models. It can still operate reliably under high loads and is very easy to maintain.


Good performance

As compact and lightweight as its family members. The balance between load capacity and range of effects makes it irreplaceable in the market. No matter where you are, you can perform very well.


The spot welding robot consists of a robot body, a computer control system, a teaching box and a spot welding system. In order to meet the requirements of flexible operation, the spot welding robot usually uses the basic design of the joint industrial robot, and generally has six freedoms. Degree: waist, big arm turn, small arm turn, wrist turn, wrist swing and wrist watch. The driving method is hydraulic drive and electric drive. Among them, the electric drive has the advantages of simple maintenance, low energy consumption, high speed, high precision and good safety, so it is widely used. The spot welding robot performs the spot welding operation according to the actions, sequence and parameters specified by the teaching procedure. The process is fully automated, and has an interface for communication with the spot welding tongs device dedicated to the external spot welding robot, which can be accepted through this interface. The control commands of the upper level master and management computer work.

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