Expert Laser Navigation AGV
日期:2019-08-07 11:55:08

Expert Laser Navigation AGV
Expert Laser Navigation AGV is a self-developed natural navigation AGV based on SLAM dynamic mapping and positioning technology with SICK laser scanner as the main sensing unit. It can scan and analyze the working environment in real time, accurately determine the location, drive the motor to follow the planned path, and realize automatic obstacle avoidance and dynamic task scheduling.
Core Technology

SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), also known as CML (Concurrent Mapping and Localization), real-time location and map construction. This technology is based on the real-time data collected by SICK laser scanner and analyzed, so that AGV can build environment map in real time. And locate your location.
route plan
Based on the map constructed by SLAM technology, we developed supporting software for planning the working path of the trolley so that the AGV can follow the optimal path and perform specific tasks.
Natural navigation
Compared with traditional track navigation and two-dimensional code navigation, the biggest advantage of natural navigation is that it can accurately determine the location and travel according to the optimal route without the intervention of specific facilities (magnetic strip/two-dimensional code). The restraint of auxiliary facilities and fixed travel paths greatly reduces construction difficulty and shortens deployment time.
Automatic obstacle avoidance
When an AGV encounters an obstacle (worker or temporarily placed an item) during the travel process, it can determine whether there are other feasible paths to bypass the obstacle and continue to perform the task through real-time scanning, which is unmatched by the traditional navigation method.
Industrial precision
After continuous improvement and optimization of hardware and software, Export Laser Navigation AGV has initially had the following basic accuracy parameters:
Application scenario
At present, Export Laser Navigation AGV is mainly used in solar photovoltaic production workshops, replacing the manual handling and loading of semi-finished products between traditional production line process equipment. The physical map of the AGV in this application scenario is as follows:

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