Siemens multi-function instrument
日期:2019-08-07 12:05:03

Siemens SENTRON PAC series multi-function power instrument is a multi-function power instrument developed by Siemens for customers around the world. It can be used to measure and display various measurement parameters of power distribution system, such as voltage, current, power, electricity, frequency and harmonics. Such parameters, with Chinese large screen LCD display. According to different functions, it can be divided into PAC4200, PAC3200, PAC3100
Large LCD graphic display with intuitive menu navigation
· Multi-language operation interface. The operation of the instrument can be carried out intuitively with 4 function buttons with multilingual text display. The following languages are available: German, English, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, French, Chinese, and Russian.
· No need for voltage transformers, direct AC690
· Can be used for single-phase measurement or multi-phase measurement in three-wire and four-wire distribution networks (TN, TT, IT)
· Support Profibus DP or Mobus RTU communication protocol.
· Standard seal with IP65 protection
· With UL and CSA certification, also applicable to the United States and Canada.

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