Timken aerospace landing gear bearing
日期:2019-08-09 10:35:58

Timken offers the best bearing products and services for aerospace applications. Each bearing is dedicated to our extensive industry experience to ensure a safe landing. The No. 629 aerospace landing gear wheel bearing is the result of cooperation with the world's top aircraft wheel and brake manufacturers. These wheel manufacturers use Timken's expertise to ensure the safety of every landing.

Timken has a deep expertise and a well-trained service team in aerospace technology to help you solve problems and maximize your investment.

Whether used on large commercial aircraft or small private jets, Timken® tapered roller bearings meet a variety of demanding performance requirements. Timken's aerospace landing gear bearings are known as "20629" (Inch) or "N0629" (Metric) and are designed and manufactured for these applications. In most commercial applications, Timken has a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Contact the Timken Sales Engineer for a full list of FAA-PMA.

Design characteristics

Designed to meet both customer and FAA quality standards.
 The bearing performance enhancement scheme numbered 629 is standard in current and emerging applications. These high-grade bearings have tight tolerances and higher performance to withstand the peak loads that a large jetliner continuously produces during its landing.
Special surface treatments are available to further improve wear, fatigue and friction.

The combination of the main and front wheels of private, commercial and military aircraft.
Special surface treatment for aerospace bearings

Timken's special surface treatment in aircraft landing gear wheels can effectively solve the rim/roller end-scratch problems that are common in aerospace applications.

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